Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday Sewing.

In 2012 my friend Lynda gave 6 of us, herself included, 4 pieces of fabric & a challenge. We had a year to make something using the 4 fabrics. The challenge included at least 1 basket, a bird & a "surprise" Well i failed on 2 counts. I didn't make it until this year & i couldn't figure what to add as the "surprise". As far as i'm aware only 2 others have finished & that was this year as well. They were Lynda herself & Sheila.
Here is what i made. I have 4 baskets & 2 birds so i fulfilled that part of the challenge. :)

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Sewing........

......saw me squeezing in 2 more finishes for September. 1st was the little banner i made my GS.
Bias binding added & it was done. Next to finish it this months Xmas project
Such a cute hanging. Next up was the 4th block from the 6" sampler quilt.
Lastly i decided i would tackle that block again from Moda Modern Building Blocks.
It's huge at 36". There is another 36" block to make yet. Then another 2 fairly large blocks followed by many smaller blocks. Luckily i don't have to make them in any particular order. Though i'm trying to decide whether to get the other 36" out of the way or leave it a bit longer. But that is a decision for next weekend. I'm off to quilt a long overdue challenge project.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Born in '64

This year i'm turning 50 & i'm borrowing an idea off a fellow blogger who is also turning 50. I'm thinking it would be lovely if any of my fellow bloggers who read this would be willing to send me signature blocks, about 6"(finished) in size, any colour, pieced, EPP or applique.. I've no particular colour in mind, no novelty prints. Use you favourite colour. All i ask is they have a plain piece that you can write your name & where you are from on it with either pigma pen or embroidered. Hopefully i can get enough to make a quilt but if not a wallhanging will be just as lovely. I'll email you my snail mail if you comment saying you are willing to make me a block. Thanks,

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, September 21, 2014


....i have a donut. Started this several months back & it was a struggle then to make it up so i put it aside. Once i got going yesterday i wondered why i left it as it wasn't that hard to sew the tubes together. The hard part had already been done. :) I must say that this donut take one hell of a lot of stuffing. Just hope it's got enough in it. Hard to stuff to. :)
Now all i need is the GS to give it a tryout.  Since that didn't take as long to sew as i thought it would, i left the stuffing until last night, i decided I'd get a start on the Moda Building Blocks pattern. As you can see not much in the way of instructions.
But i forged ahead measuring & cutting carefully. Or so i thought. I had a little trouble with the centre but got it all together,
made the next part & trouble struck
Oh these went together fine it was just when i went to add them to the centre block. The points don't meet so i though must need to trim centre block back. I did & guess what wrong. I now have a nice block for a cushion. Oh & you eyes don't deceive you those borders are huge. When finished this block is 36". I did a little bit of checking on some friends who are also making this quilt & discovered that the seam does indeed sit way out from those points on the centre block when adding those borders. Now to make a new centre block. Oh well live & learn. That was my Sunday.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Friday Night Sew In.

Taking advantage of a day to myself i started reasonably early.

I started by making this simple block. It's for a fellow blogger celebrating her 50th this year & asked for blocks to make a quilt. Great idea, i may borrow it as it also my 50th this year. :) Next thing to make is the 3rd block in the 6" sampler sew along.
That done it was time to work on THAT QUILT.
TA DA. Gossip In The Garden is officially a flimsy. What did i learn in the making? Never to make it at all. Joking aside i really did enjoy making the quilt & love it. Only hassle i really encountered was doing the mitres on the outside border. Not perfect but i don't care as the quilt is for me. After that marathon of doing the borders with the quick unpick & i becoming very good friends indeed i decided enough for the day(once the flimsy was photographed) & off to read a book. Last night i did pick up my needle & worked on the last snowman. I didn't do a lot as i was so tired.
Only a little bit to go.

Thankyou Wendy for hosting us again. Pop over to Wendys to see what the other ladies got up to last night.

Happy Stitching,